Mount Douglas and the trail ride of doom

.... or at least with a flat tire (note: check tire air pressure before riding after storing bike for a year...). Also, our journey to East Sooke Park, complete with a visit to Tabasco wall and the Beachy Head treaty marker. EXCITEMENT!

Mt. Doug

Self portrait

Tamara squished a big juicy bug

A lake of some sort

A stick in the lake

Welcome to East Sooke Regional Park...

Some water and stuff

Some sort of bog rat...

A very bad picture of a golden eagle

This is actually the eagle picture.

A nice little beach

Some water and land and stuff

Tamara walking toward Krykie point

Tabasco wall, 5.6-5.8, 5.10 variations...

Tamara sitting down

Cool rocks

OMG, I need a haircut

Flash fill works wonders, but I still need a haircut

Some cliffs

The cliff again

Beachy Head treaty marker of 1908

Again, with the Olympic Mountains in the background