Parade, Zoo, Flight home

Rod in the parade, Katalin, Lisa, Bill, Tamara and I at the Calgary Zoo, the plane ride to Victoria

The shipping terminal and Twassen Ferry terminal

The Turner Valley Curling Club float in the parade

One of my Dad's trucks in the parade

Rod (Tamara's step Dad) is Barney, behind Fred there

Truck closeup


The elephant with the stainless tusks had an infection, so he got caps

Lazy kitties

Red Panda (not a bear)

Red Panda (not a bear)

Katalin and Lisa


No flash....

With flash.


Church again

Flare 'n Derrik

Mt. Baker

Aunt Irene in the plane

Aunt Irene and Uncle Doug

Tamara blinked

Uncle Doug took this; one of the nicest

Uncle Doug took this; one of the nicest

Thrust reverser (cool!)