Christmas in Longview and Black Diamond

Mostly the opening of presents, on the 24th at my parents house, and on the 25th at Tamara's parents house.

Her face isn't dirty; she slide down a snowbank and through some rose bushes, which scratched up her face.

Merry Christmas Charlie Hughes

Lisa and Katalin by the tree

Lisa's boyfriend Bill

Mom, Lisa, and Katalin opening presents

Tamara practicing her mad framing skillz. So, my nose, Dad, and Katalin

Check out my cool new meter, thanks Mom & Dad.... oops, I blinked.

Another attempt at a smile....

Oh man, why does anyone even bother to take my picture?


I almost had Tamara convinced that there was a kitten in that box. Almost. So she was surprised when there were kittens in the box, in a manner of speaking.

There were also headphones in the box (maybe she'll stop stealing mine now!)

Lisa got a new job, and some new work clothes for Christmas!

Katalin had been riding the broom around like a horse, and now she's got a real (fake) horse to ride around on.

Lisa playing scrabble

The tree

The tree again, because it's so darned purty.

Take this phpto....

and Lisa's head from this photo, and make one good photo. Just imagine what it would look like, because I'm too lazy to actually do it.

Zack the sweater wearing Christmas dog


Rod thought Ruth's note indicating the moose was amusing.

It's a head scratcher! See?

Oh yeah......

Travis, Tamara, Jennifer, and Zack